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A Comparison of Using Mac vs PC for Website Design

In the website design world it is not surprising to find website design professionals arguing about the merits of Coreldraw for Mac or PCs when it comes to designing websites. It is true that both systems have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to creating graphics and performing the programming that is necessary for any website design to take place. It is also true that in many cases, you will find both platforms in the offices of professional web design companies. However, for the average person who may be trying to design their own site, this dual technology may simply be something that they cannot afford.

Why do they use both platforms? Because these systems engender so much loyalty in their users it can be surprising that you would find both in a design office. However, Coreldraw for Mac when you consider that a website will be viewed on both systems you will see why it is important for website design professionals to be able to view their work on both a Mac and a PC. However, unless you have access to both platforms, knowing which may suit you best is important. Here are a few things to consider.

The Apple Macintosh This has long been the system of choice for website designers and graphic design professionals in general. Coreldraw for Mac have long been the top choice because they enable a designer to edit images and make changes at an incredibly rapid rate. In this they still outshine many of the PCs that are being created today.

In the past, the image editing software that was best for creating images and programming websites was only available on a Coreldraw for Mac. This has since changed and programs such as those made by Adobe are now available for PC as well. However, you can expect to pay a premium price for these machines. They can be substantially more expensive, especially for a Power Mac that has the computing speed and memory to be able to work with large images and the programs used to edit or create them.

The PC This is an affordable solution that is generally much less expensive than a Coreldraw for Mac would be. In addition, many people who will be viewing your site will be doing so from a PC. Therefore, creating your website design on a PC so that you can see what it will look like when it is live can be incredibly useful.

Now that PCs are capable of running many of the same programs that a CorelDRAW for Mac can (such as Adobe and CorelDRAW) they are quickly beginning to hold their own in the website design arena. They also tend to be good all-purpose machines making them appealing to any company that needs their computers to do more than just graphic design.

By choosing the right technology you will often find that the website design process can go quite quickly and that it will be easier to build the kind of website you want to promote your company and the goods or services that it offers.


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